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August 2020: Wordpress Website Migration

August 2020: Wordpress Website Migration Your Website and Website Editor Will Be Faster, More Stable, and Easier for Odysys to Manage and Keep Up to Date. Ben Lloyd

Odysys is in the process of upgrading all customer Wordpress websites to new servers!

Why is Odysys Migrating Your Wordpress Website to a New Host?

  1. Faster Site Speed

  2. Faster Editing

  3. Improved Caching

  4. Added CDN (content delivery network) to boost image loading time

  5. Emergency Advanced restorations from secure backups with 30 days of storage

  6. Improved SSL

  7. New Web IP Address

  8. Better Management: Improved Ability for Odysys to Manage Updates to WordPress, PHP, and Plug-Ins

  9. An overall smoother website experience for you and your guests

How Will The Migration Work? When Will it Happen?

This is very similar to the process we went through to launch your Odysys website originally.Odysys will be working in the background to migrate all websites sites over to our new hosting environment with upgraded servers.

As a part of that process, we will need to update the information with your DNS host and the database on our back-end.

Next Steps - We Need Your Help

  • If we need access to your DNS hosting, we will be contacting you to get your login information and confirm we can access the account. For your own security, please DO NOT email or chat your DNS login information to us. We will take it down live over the phone.

  • Not sure who your DNS host is? See below.

  • If we have access to your DNS hosting already, we will notify you when the migration is going to happen for your website.

  • You will not be able to edit your website during the DNS update. This may take 5 minutes to an hour or more depending on your DNS host.

You will be notified when the process is completed and you can access Odysys and edit your website as you normally would.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So, am I still working with Odysys?

A: Your website will still be with Odysys, we’re just using new servers. We know the language can be a bit confusing.

Q: How much will this cost?

A: There are no additional fees for this upgrade, despite the additional cost to Odysys. The upgrade will be covered as a part of your subscription and included in every existing customer's website redesign or upgrade at no additional cost. Updates like this are one of the benefits to working with a partner like Odysys.

Q: How do I find out who my DNS Host is?

Typically - your DNS host is your domain registrar. This is the company you purchased your domain from or who you pay for domain name renewals every so often. (eg: godaddy, enom, etc)

To ID your registrar - you can use a tool like this one: https://www1.mydomain.com/whois/whois.bml

Simply put in your domain name, and then look for the registrar. From there, you can go to the registrar's website and login or contact their support for help.

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