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Edit Pricing or Rates in a Reservation

Edit Pricing or Rates in a Reservation How to manually edit, adjust, override or change room rates or pricing on a guest's reservation including giving a discount or free night. Ben Lloyd

NOTE: This help article is for manually editing a single reservation. To change or override your rates or seasonal pricing, minimum nights, etc for all reservations see: http://support.odysys.com/booking-engine-reservations#pricing

How to Edit Room Rates & Pricing in a Reservation

Open the guest's reservation

Click on "Rooms"

Click on "Show Pricing" to open the pricing details

You can then change the nightly rate for any room OR apply a discount. 

To apply a discount - type in an amount (ie "$20") OR a percentage (ie "20%") and the reservation will be automatically adjusted.

Note: Do not type in a negative amount or percentage in the "apply discount" field as it is set up to automatically apply the amount as a discount.

Save changes to your reservation.

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