Edit Property Details

Edit Property Details How to Edit Details about your Property Ben Lloyd

The Property Details settings control the address, phone number, property name, and email address that appear in the footer on every page of your website.

To edit your property details: 

  1. Select your username from the top-right navigation. 

2. From the dropdown menu, select 

3. Edit the Property Details as needed. 

Some things to keep in mind: 

-The URLS for your website must begin with http:// and must not end with /.

-The Reservations Email will be made publicly available on your website. This is the email address that gets messages submitted via the contact form on your website
To add more email addresses to a contact form, see Set up customer email contacts.

-The Reservations Phone is the number that will be published on your website for customers to contact your property.

Note: You CAN use international phone numbers in the property details. To format it as you desire,  you must add a "+" before the number. If you do not add a "+" before the number, it will be automatically formatted like a US/Canadian phone number. 

4. Select Update Property. 

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