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Odysys Isn't Responding to Clicks

Odysys Isn't Responding to Clicks What to do when Odysys Isn't Responding to Clicks Ben Lloyd

If Odysys is having any major technical issues with our Booking Engine or any other parts of our site, we do our best to let you know as soon as possible. However, if you are encountering serious issues, please check with us first to see if the technical issues are on our end.

If they aren't, it means the issue is likely local to your internet connection or browser. The quick solution? A hard refresh. 

On a PC, hold down CTRL-Shift-R.
On a Mac, hold down COMMAND-Shift-R.  

A hard refresh will usually solve any problems with a page loading and clear your cache.

If you are in the Booking Engine and experiencing issues in the Occupancy Tab, try switching over the Reservations tab. You can perform all the same actions here. Simply click the pink arrow to view the drop down menu. 

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