Set Up the Footer Pages

Set Up the Footer Pages How to Set Up the Footer Pages Ben Lloyd

Follow these instructions for setting up all the footer pages except for the pages with the default title Contact. 

(See Set Up Contact Page for instructions on setting up that page.) 

To set up all the footer pages (except Contact)

  1. From the Site Builder drop-down menu, select Pages. 

2. From the Pages menu on the left side of the screen you will see all of the pages on your website. Scroll down to the Footer section. 

3. Disable any pages you don't want to use.
See Disable/enable pages. 

4. Select the page you want to edit to expand the options.

5. Configure that page.
See Configure a page. 

6. Select Content.

The Site Builder page layouts for the About Us, Group Rates, Meetings, Policies, and Careers are identical. Privacy Statement is nearly identical, but it does not have the Sidebar element.

To Populate the Content Fields: 

a.) Enter a Headline for the page.

b.) Enter a Subheading for the page (optional.)

c.) In the Text box, enter content for the page.
For more information on using the Text box, see Text Editing Tools

d.) Continue to the Sidebar section (except on the Privacy Statement page.)

e.) Enter the Headline for the Sidebar (optional.)

f.) In the Text box, enter the content you want to appear in the sidebar. 

7. Select Save.

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