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Site Builder 1.0 Basics & Navigation

Site Builder 1.0 Basics & Navigation App1 Site Builder Basics & Navigation. NOTE: App1 / Site Builder 1.0 will be fully decommissioned by the end of Q1 2021. Ben Lloyd

You can use the Site Builder 1.0 tools to customize the content and design for your "App1" website.

NOTE: App1 / Site Builder 1.0 will be fully decommissioned by the end of Q1 2021. More information: https://support.odysys.com/en/articles/4400345-upgrading-odysys-1-0-websites-to-wordpress

Here is a video overview of Site Builder 1.0.

(What if your site builder doesn't look like this? You're on Wordpress - go here for Wordpress Site Builder support content)

Open Site Builder

  1. Select "Site Builder" from the top navigation

Site Builder Navigation Menu

The Site Builder navigation menu is a drop-down menu with three subsections: Pages, Styles, and Settings. 


Use Pages to customize your: 

  • Text

  • Photos

  • Page names and order

  • Page titles and meta descriptions 

  • Which review sources appear (Yelp, TripAdvisor, ect.)

  • Map/address

  • Configure your industry badges for your website 


Use Styles to:

  • Add your logo

  • Select your font family

  • Select text weight (light, medium, bold)

  • Select text colors

  • Select background, accent, link, and button colors

  • Change your template

  • Reset all styles 


Use Settings to: 

  • Modify your domain name settings

  • Customize the social media widgets that appear on your website

  • Select your booking engine

  • Add/edit Google Webmaster Tools

  • Add Google Analytics tracking code

  • Control your 301 redirect settings 

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