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3 Simple Actions To Improve Your Google Business Listing

3 Simple Actions To Improve Your Google Business Listing In a few minutes, optimize your business listing by turning on notifications, updating your attributes, and adding a new photo. Robert Frost

#1: Turn On Email Notifications

Turn on notifications so that you can know when a guest leaves a review right away. This will help you stay on top of your reviews and improve your SEO!

To turn on your notifications:

  1. Login to Google MyBusiness: https://google.com/mybusiness

  2. Navigate to the left-hand sidebar and click Settings

  3. Select the notifications you'd like to receive. We recommend signing up for Customer reviews, Questions and answers, Photos, Listing Health, Insights and Feedback.

#2: Update Your Properties Amenities & Attributes

Google has been changing and updating these amenities and attributes features recently, so make sure that your property is up to date to perform better in Google Search.

To update your amenities & attributes:

  1. Navigate to the left-hand sidebar and click Info.

  2. Update and prioritize your Business Categories with as many options as Google will allow (Bed & Breakfast, Hotel, Motel, etc).

  3. Use your local phone number and update your hours and check-in time.

  4. Update your amenities. This list is ever-changing, so check back every 30 days!

Watch this video for extra detail and recommendations in the Info section:

#3: Add A New Photo Every 30 Days

Google favors businesses with more photos, especially when they are regularly added. Also, your website visitors care more and more about quality photography. You need quality photos on your business listing to improve your SEO!

To add photos to your business listing:

  1. Navigate to the left-hand sidebar and click Photos.

  2. Click on the category that best fits the photo you plan to post (Interior, Exterior, Food & Drink, etc).

  3. Press the blue plus sign in the top right corner to add the photo.

Check out the Insights tab for valuable analytics on how your business is performing with Google, including your photos.

#BonusTip: Use Your Google Calendar to Stay On Top of This

Google Calendars are linked to your Google Account and can be a great tool for productivity and workflow. Use this tool to set reminders to add photos each month, seasonally update your website, or just to check in with Google for new features. 

To setup reminders in Google Calendar:

  1. Login to Google Calendar: https://calendar.google.com

  2. Press the multi-colored plus sign in the top left corner

  3. Add a title, change the time and click More options

  4. Select All Day and click the dropdown next to it that says "Do Not Repeat" to set up a custom recurring reminder

  5. Click custom and change the recurring reminder to 30 Days

You will now receive reminders for this every 30 days (or whatever window of time you select) and ultimately keep your Google Business Listing optimized and capture more direct bookings! 

We encourage you to chat us in the bottom right corner, or email us at suppport@odysys.com if you have questions about this, or anything else on your mind. We are here because we want you to succeed, so please feel free to use us as a resource. 

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