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About DNS - DNS & Hosting Demystified

About DNS - DNS & Hosting Demystified Ben Lloyd

The setup of your online business is a lot like how your physical business is setup.

In the physical world, to run a business, you would need to do a few things

  • Register your business name with the government (like the Secretary of State). This requires an annual payment to keep it active.

  • Lease some office space. This requires a monthly payment, or possibly annual paid upfront.

  • Get a phone number. This is a monthly payment unless it is included in your office space lease.

  • Add a listing in the phone book so someone can look up your business and get the phone number and street address. Well, it used to be a phone book, these days you'd want to at least setup your Google Places page.

In the virtual world, there are the same requirements

  • Register your domain name. This requires an account at a "Domain Registrar" company which will charge $15-40/yr.

  • Host your website. This requires a monthly payment to keep it active.

  • Host your email. This is often included with a website hosting plan, but can be a completely separate account.

  • Host your DNS. All domain registrars offer this as a free service for your domains, but can be a separate hosting account. Sometimes a website host will ask you to not only set them as your web host, but your DNS host as well.

When moving your website to Odysys, we ask for your login info to your registrar, if your DNS is hosted with them, it's an easy change to point your website to Odysys. Just like how you can move your business to a new office, but keep your phone number, your website can switch to Odysys without any change to your email.

If your DNS is being hosted as part of your web hosting account, that will need to be moved back to being hosted with your domain registration account.

Odysys will be your new website host so after the move, you can cancel your current web hosting account, unless they are also hosting your email.

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