Edit a Page: How to Add Content Blocks to a Page with Brizy Site Builder

Add Content to a Page How to Add Content to a Page Meredith Nasholds

It's very easy to add or edit text, images or content on your pages!

1.) Log in to your website.

2.) Navigate to Site Builder. This opens in a new window.

3.) Over to the left-hand side of your Site Builder Dashboard, you will see Pages.

4.) Locate the page you wish to add content to or edit, then select "Edit with Brizy"


Always edit your PAGES with Brizy

5.) Once your page loads, you can add or edit content. Click the text or image you wish to change or edit. The menu bar will appear (pictured below) and you can update colors, change fonts, and even adjust the location.

6.) You can also add content to the page through the Add Elements icon, where you can drag-and-drop text boxes, buttons and even images or videos.

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