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Add or Replace Images How to Add or Replace Images on Your Website Meredith Nasholds

Adding images or replacing them on your site is easy! The tricky part is, the icons sometimes look different!

You'll either see a mountain with a little sun, or a half-filled box.

Check out the screenshots below:

Half-filled square:

Sometimes, if your image is within a text box, you will need to select either the upper-right blue arrow, or if the box is pink, the pink arrow:

To replace the images, just click the 'X' in the right hand corner. This will remove the photo, then you will see a cloud with an arrow. When clicked, this will take you to your Media Gallery where you can either upload a photo from your computer, or select a previously uploaded image.

Are you changing your header/slider image? If so, check out this article on Changing A Header Image.

Remember to always UPDATE to save changes!

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