Add a New Page, Menu Item or Tab to Your Website

Wondering: "How do I add a new menu tab?" "How do I add a new page?" "How do I add a navigation item"

To add a new page or menu item or tab to your website, please fill out the Odysys Request Form: "Add a Page to My Website"


The Odysys team will create the page for you and pre-load the page with your desired layout and place it in your website navigation. We will then let you know when the page is ready. Turnaround time for design requests can be up to 3 business days but is often shorter.

When the page is ready, you will then be able to add the content and images. The SEO page title & meta description for this page will be automatically generated but you can edit as desired.

Ready to add content to your new page? Click here for basics on how to use site builder:

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