Add/Update Billing Information

Add/Update Billing Information How to add or update your credit card billing information that you use to pay for your Odysys subscription Ben Lloyd

Odysys accepts payment through all major credit cards.

Need to update your billing information?

Sign in to your website by clicking on the button below:

Or alternatively, you can sign in from the Odysys Homepage

2. Click your Profile icon in the top-right navigation

3. This will take you to your profile overview page. Scroll down to see "Payment Info" or "Billing History". If there is a credit card on file, it will only show the last 4 digits.

4. Select EDIT PAYMENT INFO. Your Billing Portal will open in another window.

To view invoices, or to see when and how you are being charged, select VIEW INVOICES. This will also open in another window.

5. If you have not accepted your invitation to the billing portal, you will see an alert message asking you to click "Get Login Link Via Email".

If you do not see an alert message, continue to sign in with your email and password.

6. Once you have access to your Billing Portal, you can update your credit card information and billing address.

Note: The CVV number is the three-digit verification number/code on the back of your card.

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