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April 2021: Google PageSpeed Scores & Core Web Vitals Update

About page speed scores, core web vitals and 3rd party testing tools

UPDATE: As of Monday April 19 2021 - Google has delayed the rollout of the "page experience update" (ie "core web vitals)

  • Don't expect drastic changes. Google explicitly states: "sites generally should not expect drastic changes."
  • HTTPS, mobile-friendly, safe browsing and not having intrusive interstitials are already ranking signals prior to the page experience announcement.

Here's our previous statement on the matter:

It is outside our scope to provide an analysis of or interpret the results from 3rd party tools like these. We do our own testing, analysis and optimization on every Odysys website using industry-leading practices and plug-ins. No Odysys sites have been penalized by speed issues, nor do they not rank well because of speed, and most importantly, conversion rates are not affected. The conversion rates for our websites at are among the best in the industry. If you are concerned about rankings or performance in Google- Websites require content, links and listings from 3rd parties, lots of 5-star reviews, and other marketing practices in order to drive rankings, traffic and bookings from Google. See Odysys Academy for a roadmap to marketing your website.
About using 3rd party tools like GTMetrix or Google's tools like Test My Site, Search Console, Web.Dev or Pagespeed Insights etc.

While these tools can be a great resource to use for your site, they are not necessarily optimized for analyzing sites built on a CMS (Content Management System) like Odysys' Wordpress Site Builder. These tools are designed to be used on sites you built and coded yourself. The algorithms these tools use for detecting inaccuracies that it thinks are incorrect do not necessarily mean that it's a genuine issue on our your site. These tools use a set formula to apply to a wide variety of different CMS systems across all industries. Alas, they don't have a specific algorithm for detecting Odysys Site Builder/Brizy-specific issues.
Odysys templates score quite well on most page speed tools. However, speed is often impacted by design items that improve the performance of your website conversion and the trade off is acceptable. For example - multiple slider images and excessively image-heavy pages (as most hospitality homepages are), 3rd party embeds for video (like youtube) or widgets (like weather widgets, review widgets, etc). These can and will all affect your score on page speed tools. Hospitality websites almost always score poorly on these tools because they are built with conversion in mind and feature very specific design choices and lots of images to get a website visitor to click on your booking button.
Please see Odysys Academy at https://support.odysys.com/odysys-academy as a guide to identify the things you need to do to improve your website ranking and traffic. Keep in mind that if your website is less than a year or two old, Google rankings for anything but your property name can be very difficult. If this is the case for your property, Odysys Academy is even more important for you.

Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed Scores: A Sanity Check

Even hilton.com has a really poor Google PageSpeed score and does not pass Google’s Core Web Vitals criteria. In a practical sense, this tells you all you really need to know. If Hilton isn’t passing with all their technical and financial resources, then the bar must be high. Google will not drop every website out of the rankings if they do not pass, but they are encouraging all website owners and developers to start focusing more on speed by way of these Core Web Vitals. This carrot/stick approach is a typical approach for Google to get what they want.

Core Web Vitals are indicated by the little blue bookmark icon (LCP, FID, CLS) in the image above

Note: Core Web Vitals are a part of Google’s PageSpeed score, but do not make up the entire score. In other words - having good Core Web Vitals scores does not ensure high page speed scores and vice versa.

Advice: Compare your website’s PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals scores to that of your competition. This is the true benchmark - not Google’s theoretical score. “You don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun the person next to you” -Ben Lloyd, Odysys