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BookDirect Everywhere FAQ

BookDirect Everywhere FAQ Troubleshooting common issues & questions for BookDirect Everywhere, our joint availability calendar product for associations. Ben Lloyd

Common Issues

Before you do that - you need to give the system 24-48 hours to update your rates. Your property's rates are updated either "live" or on a regular schedule depending on the booking engine your property uses. See below.

Q: I changed booking engines/reservations systems at my property, how do I update my property's connection to BookDirect Everywhere?
A: Send an email to: bookdirect@odysys.com

Billing Questions

What is the pricing? How do you sign up your association or property?

See here: https://www.odysys.com/book-direct-everywhere/

Need to cancel your bookdirect everywhere subscription?

A: Send an email to: bookdirect@odysys.com

Have other questions related to bookdirect everywhere billing?

A: Send an email to: bookdirect@odysys.com

How Do I Tell if I'm Getting Bookings from My Association's BookDirect System?

All of the traffic and bookings that your property receives from BookDirect Everywhere will show up in your own property's Google Analytics accounts. You can identify this traffic by looking at your traffic referral sources and searching for your association's bookdirect domain. Here's an example from an Asheville property.

The amount of traffic and bookings your property gets from the BookDirect product is purely a function of how aggressively your association markets their website and BookDirect availability calendar.

Rates, Cache-ing and Frequency of Updates

Our technology partner SimpleView (JackRabbit) provided this summary:

"For most reservation engine connections, we have what we call "live rates". This means we pull rates and availability directly from each reservation engine on demand (if this is an option). If it takes too long to pull rates and availability, our system has to default to cached rates, which we pull on a schedule. The schedule is different based on each reservation engine, as some have limitations.

"The main reason pricing issues can come up is that the property's reservation engine CANNOT handle live rate requests.

"We typically cache rates for six months in advance when setting up the property, and then for the most part cache one month's worth of rates every 14 days. In some cases we cache at least a month's worth of rates every 2 days. Our typical schedule beyond that is 180 days of lodgings every 7d and 365 days of lodgings every 14d.

Example provided by SimpleView:

One thing that occurs often is a property update their rates frequently and then check the bookdirect site immediately for changes--this isn't the way it works. At the very least our system needs some time to make adjustments to new data coming through.

Example: if we had recently cached a rate of $100 for a property, and someone searches bookdirect again for that night, we use that cached rate for a small amount of time so as to tread lightly on 3rd party reservation engine connections and not overwhelm their systems.

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