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Selling Your Property: Change in Odysys Account/Website Ownership

Sold your property? New owner of your business? Transitioning the account to the new owners is painless. Maintaining website and digital marketing continuity makes the switch in ownership much easier.

Introduce the New Owners to Odysys

When a customer notifies Odysys that their property has sold to new owners, there are a few steps we need to take to ensure a seamless transition.

First and foremost - the best thing you can do to ease the transition is introduce the new owners to the Odysys team. We would love the opportunity to walk them through what Odysys does and how it works so they can decide on the best way to proceed with their digital presence.

Current owner - please send an introduction to support@odysys.com and we'll set up a meeting with the new owners!

If the new owners are re-branding and want to change up the website or need a redesign, there's no better place than right here at Odysys. Let's get the account switched over to the new owners and then we can discuss our affordable re-brand/redesign process.


Before we get started, a note on timing. While your sale may be a done deal, you will likely want to maintain ownership and billing details on your website and your online accounts until the sale is actually closed. We recommend taking these transition steps on or after the closing date.

Current Owner: Transition Your Odysys Account to the New Owners

The Odysys account can easily be switched to the new owner(s). The current owner of the Odysys account (typically the person responsible for setting up with Odysys and paying the bill) can handle most of the process themselves. Or, we can walk you through these steps. Just request assistance via the chat or email support@odysys.com.

Here's the process

  • Update the email address and reset the password for the primary account owner
  • Remove sub-users in the account
  • New owner to add their billing details (credit card) to the Odysys account
  • New owner to add users and update additional settings


  1. (if the customer didn't notify us): Verify the new contact is actually the owner of the property by: Sending a message from the account's current email address to support@odysys.com - if that isn't an option, identify another method

  2. Login to your Odysys account and head over to settings https://app3.odysys.com/settings
  3. Email address: The Odysys account is tied to the primary owner's email address and password. Changing the email address and/or password changes the ownership access for the account. If the email address is staying the same, skip the next step

  4. To change the email address on your account, follow these steps: https://support.odysys.com/update-your-profile-change-username-email-address-or-upload-a-profile-photo

  5. Don't log out of Odysys just yet!

  6. Delete or remove any additional users from your Odysys account: https://support.odysys.com/add-/-edit-/-remove-an-odysys-user

  7. Do not share your password with the new owners! Have the new owner head over to the login page and click "Forgot Your Password?". Since you've updated the email address, or because they have access to the existing email address, they will be able to reset the password to one of their choosing. The process will be to input the email address. An email will be sent to that address with details on resetting the password. Once reset - the new owners will use the email/password combination to access Odysys and manage the account.

  8. See "Additional recommended steps for current owners" below

New Owners: Taking Over the Odysys Account

  1. Update the credit card and billing details. See here http://support.odysys.com/add/update-billing-information. If you run into problems, contact Odysys' billing admin team. Email support@odysys.com or call 541-639-3175 and select "Billing".

  2. See "Odysys Account Settings" here: http://support.odysys.com/managing-your-odysys-account

  3. Get familiar with Odysys - watch the orientation video: http://support.odysys.com/get-to-know-the-odysys-software-orientation-video
    and learn to use your website builder: http://support.odysys.com/odysys-site-builder-training-webinars
  4. Setup a time for an Odysys orientation/training. Simply email support@odysys.com or use the chat to start that process


  1. Give the new owners access to your domain registration and DNS hosting account. This is typically the service where you purchase and renew your domain name. This is also where you typically manage your branded email addresses like info@yourwebsite.com (GoDaddy or Network Solutions or eNom are examples of common domain registrars / dns hosts)
  2. Give the new owners ownership access to Google Analytics (give them the ability to "manage users" and they can kick you off) https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/44500?hl=en

  3. Give the new owner access to your property's Google Business listing. Make them the primary owner. https://support.google.com/business/answer/3415281?hl=en

  4. Add the new business owner as an admin to your property's Facebook page. Have the new owner update Facebook account access for other managers/admins etc. https://www.facebook.com/help/1843115515813561

  5. Add the new business owner or provide login information to various online accounts. Especially those that you pay for or that refer traffic to your website. TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. Google support documentation or contact those websites directly to transfer ownership.