Changing Icons

Changing Icons How to link and create icons or logos on your website to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Business, TripAdvisor etc. Ben Lloyd

Here's our handy infographic on how to add icons (such as social media, or general icons) to your Odysys website!

At the bottom of any page (the "footer") duplicate any one of your existing social media icons. This can be done by:

  1. Click the icon and select the "duplicate" button (two squares, one behind the other).

  2. Now select your new duplicated icon, and click the blue star "icon" button. In the pop up box, click the icon again to display more options.

  3. All digital icons can be found in this selection. From Trip Advisor or Twitter! Use the search bar or scroll through for a full selection.

  4. Change the color by selecting the solid square, or if not, go straight to adding a link.

  5. To add a link, find & copy the "URL" (link) to your social media page from the web browser. Always select "Open in New Tab" so your guests can keep your website open AND your social media pages!

  6. Always remember to click "Update" after any changes to your web page!


Want to add a link to your Google Business page? Here's how to get the Google My Business link.

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