Changing Page Header Images / Slides

Changing Page Header Images / Slides How to Edit Page Header Images and Slides Meredith Nasholds

The Page Header content on your Home Page is typically the first image and text your website visitors see when they arrive on your website. 

Here is an example of a Page Header image with a text and a button: 

To Set Up your Page Header Content: 

1.) Select the Page you wish to update the header for. Over to the top-right hand side of the header image will be a black circle.

2.) When you click this circle, you will see a menu. The icon that is a half-filled box is the image icon. To remove and upload a new image, press the "x" icon in the top-right of the image.

3.) Drag and drop the image you want to use onto the upload screen
Click Select File and navigate to the image you want to use. 

❗ Note:❗ It is important to select the highest quality photos you have that are no larger than 3 MB. Selecting lower quality or small images will result in grainy or blurry images, particularly when they are viewed on a large screen. Ideally, you should select images that are 2200 pixels wide and in JPG format.

4.) To change multiple headers, use the navigation arrows at the far end of each side of the image.


Always press "Update" after making any changes to your website!

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