Changing your domain name?

If you're re-branding your business and want to change your primary domain name, there's a few things to know and consider.

Per Google: "When moving a site, keeping the same site architecture in the new location helps to pass the signals more directly to the new site. If you combine a site move with a redesign of the site's content and URL structure in the new location, you will probably see some traffic loss as Google might need to relearn and reassess the individual pages."

The following article applies to a situation where a redesign is accompanying a domain name change and the redesign includes new content, updated URLs. If there isn't a redesign involved or changes to URLs included along with the domain name change, then adjust accordingly.

SOLUTION: The preferred order for doing a site move is to break up the domain name change and redesign into discreet phases with a minimum of 3 weeks in between the domain name change and the launch of the redesign.There are two different approaches to launching a redesigned Odysys site and achieving the desired result.

Option 1: Launch Odysys website on old domain, wait 3+ weeks, transition to new domain name (you can still forward the new domain name to the old domain during that in-between period so they can start updating listings and using the new URL at launch)

Specific Steps

  1. verify the existing domain with search console via DNS TXT record (this differs from our standard HTML tag verification process)

  2. launch the redesigned odysys site on the existing domain using our standard process

  3. if desired - forward the new domain to the old domain in the domain host

  4. let the redirects etc work their way through Google for 3 weeks+

  5. transition DNS to the new domain & perform the 'site move' in google search console/bing search console (requires verifying the NEW domain with a DNS TXT record as well)


Option 2: begin forwarding the old domain to the new domain 3+ weeks prior to launching the Odysys redesign, launch the redesign 3+ weeks later.

  1. verify existing domain with search console via a DNS TXT record update (this differs from our standard HTML tag verification process)

  2. forward dns to the new domain name & perform the site move in google search console/bing search console (requires verifying the NEW domain with a DNS TXT record as well)

  3. let that process play out for 3 weeks

  4. launch the redesigned Odysys site. verification takes place at the DNS level in step 2 so we won't have to do it again.

Important: If you're using a 3rd party booking engine, make sure they update the design of your booking engine to match the design of your new site.

Update Your Listings

Next, you'll want to update your domain name across all of the business listings you've created or have access to. Basically, you want to update the links to your website in important places, and do it as quickly as possible. This will give your new domain name a greater likelihood of success in Google and Bing.

These listings include but are not limited to:

  • Google business listing
  • Yelp
  • Facebook Page
  • TripAdvisor
  • Association and Directory sites you've paid for listings on (ex:, your destination marketing organization, convention & visitors bureau)
  • Key partner sites

One handy way to identify additional places to update your listings is to review your google analytics referring sites for the last year. Identify any sites that send you traffic where you can update your listing.

Links are very important to your success in search engines. For more information about links, see: