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Connect Google Analytics to Odysys

Connect Google Analytics to Odysys Add Google Analytics to your Odysys website. Connect (or reconnect) your Google Analytics account. Ben Lloyd

Connecting Google Analytics to your Odysys account authorizes the Odysys software to “pull in” your data from Google Analytics and display it throughout your Odysys account including the Dashboard and the Analytics section.

Step 1: In Odysys, navigate to “Settings” and then click on “Edit Connected Accounts”

Step 2: Click “Connect” under “Google Analytics”

Step 3: Choose the Google Account you want to connect with. (Note: this account must have access to the Google Analytics account/profile for your Odysys website)

Step 4: Click "Allow".
You may need to wait several minutes after clicking "allow" for the connection process to complete.

Step 5: Now finish the connection by selecting the Google Analytics "Account" and "View" you want to see reported in your Odysys account. (Note: This is typically the Google Analytics view that Odysys has prepared for your website)

Add Your Booking Engine "Path" to Improve Your Odysys Dashboard Reporting

Once your Google Analytics account is connected to Odysys, you'll have the option to add your booking engine "path"

edit booking engine paths

Copy and paste your booking engine link into the "path" editor.


copy your booking engine path


Do NOT include any tracking codes or session IDs. Just copy and paste the URL of your booking engine into Odysys.

Once the URL is pasted in, click on the plus sign to save.

Odysys will automatically remove the domain of your booking engine. This is OK! All we want is the page path, not the domain.

edit booking engine paths step 2

That's it!

Adding your booking engine path will enable the Odysys dashboard and analytics to properly report on your direct bookings funnel.

bookign engine views direct bookings funnel

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you aren't seeing the correct data after connecting, or you aren't seeing any data, you may need to select a different Google Analytics profile "view"  (step 3)

  • Google Accounts can be confusing. If you aren't sure which account/profile to connect to, try logging in to https://analytics.google.com directly to identify the correct Google Account, Analytics Account and Profile you want to connect to Odysys.

  • If you see "0" booking engine views on your dashboard, but you have bookings, you likely need to update your booking engine paths. See "add your booking engine paths..." above

  • If you've got no booking engine views and no direct bookings reported in Odysys dashboard despite getting direct bookings, this likely means you need to add your Google Analytics tracking code to your booking engine. Contact your booking engine provider for help.

  • Still struggling? Chat with us and we'll help you out.