Create and Edit a Blog Post

Create and Edit a Blog Post Basic steps to adding and editing blog posts Ben Lloyd

Creating a New Blog Post and Editing Existing Posts

1.) Log in to your Website.

2.) Select Site Builder from the top navigation:

3.) Select OPEN SITE BUILDER. Your Dashboard will open in a new window:

4.) Go ahead and choose the Posts option:

5.) This will bring you to a list of current blog posts.

  • To add a new post, select "Add New".

  • To update an existing blog post, select "Edit" under the blog title.

6.) Now you will see a screen like the one below:

  • Add A Post Title: This will be the title of the blog post.

  • Add Media: This brings up your media gallery, where you can add previously uploaded photos and videos to the content section your post, or upload new ones.

  • Publish: The column on the right-hand side displays options for making your post a draft, or publishing. You can publish immediately or select the "edit" button to schedule your post for a different day or time.

  • Tags: Use this option to categorize blog subjects (i.e. hiking, winter, activities, etc.)

  • Featured image: When your blog post is displayed on both your website and in an internet search, an image will appear. To change this, click "set feature image" to upload an image from your media gallery. Or replace an existing image by clicking the little dark grey circle in the top right-hand corner (this will delete the image and you can upload a new one).


After all changes, click "Publish" or "Update"

For more information and more in depth post options you can reference this handy WordPress help video (some of the content may vary from your particular install):

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