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Email Newsletter Marketing Service

Email Newsletter Marketing Service Get all the benefits of an email newsletter marketing strategy without the headaches of time, technology, and content. Ben Lloyd


Email newsletters are one of the most effective marketing channels for generating direct bookings, encouraging repeat guests and guest loyalty. Yet, 80% of innkeepers don't regularly send email newsletters because it takes too much time, the technology is too difficult, and because of concerns about ‘spamming’ customers. The Odysys email newsletter marketing service solves all 3 of these problems. 


  • One-Time Setup Fee: $99

  • 1 Email newsletter per month: $99/month (6 month minimum commitment)

Additional questions? Want to get started? Contact us (click on the chat icon to your right and start a conversation with us, or email support@odysys.com)

How It Works:

Odysys makes it easy for innkeepers to effectively market their property using email. In order to create & send email newsletters for our customers, we have a system that has automated much of the process. 

The Odysys platform automatically designs, builds, and sends each monthly newsletter. The Odysys team then customizes each newsletter. The innkeeper (you) simply has to review & approve.

  • We do the email design, content curation and sending every month. You simply review and approve.

  • Emails are fully branded with your colors and logo and images

  • Authentic emails in your voice featuring your content. We build your email newsletters by utilizing the content that you are sharing to your Facebook page combined with content you have on your website, your blog, and from partners like your local visitor’s association to create a compelling newsletter that people want to receive

  • Promotional without being spammy. Experts recommend the 90/10 content rule, which is a perfect mix of 90% educational and 10% promotional.

  • Mobile friendly and automatically optimized for the 53% of subscribers who open email on their mobile devices

  • Monthly cadence. Stay in touch with the 85% of subscribers who want to hear from you monthly

  • We use your existing account. Emails are sent through your existing MailChimp, Constant Contact or SendGrid account (additional platforms coming soon). Don’t have a platform? We’ll help you get set up with MailChimp.

  • Fully measurable performance

  • Help with growing your subscriber list

On average, our customers are getting 5x the visibility of the average Facebook post and 280% more clicks than the average email (vs MailChimp industry benchmarks)

The Benefits of Email Newsletters Cannot be Overlooked:

  • Email newsletters regularly generate a 44x return on investment (ROI) (Campaign Monitor)

  • Email newsletters generate a 40x performance vs social media at acquiring customers (ie - bookings) (McKinsey)

  • Email builds audience: Email subscribers are 3X more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources (Quick Sprout)

  • Email gets you bookings! Email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including search and social (Monetate)

  • A message is 5x more likely to be seen in email than via Facebook (Radicati)

  • Email is a mobile marketing strategy! About 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices and 23% of readers who open an email on a mobile device open it again later (Campaign Monitor)

  • 69% of all consumers, and 73% of millennials prefer to receive company-to-customer communication via email (Adestra)

  • Email creates action! 35% of subscribers have visited a website just because they received but didn't even open an email (Litmus/Fluent)

Details & Fine Print

  • The email newsletter service fee will be added to your Odysys invoice

  • Minimum 6-month commitment, 30 day notice of cancellation required

  • Use it or lose it. Best practice is to send a newsletter at least once per month to your list. If you opt to not send a newsletter in a given month, you will still be billed for that month. The fee is not for a number of newsletters, it is for the availability of our platform, team and service.

  • Additional one-off emails to newsletter list (ie - flash sale etc). Limit of 1 per quarter.

  • The Odysys newsletter service fee is for design, creation, and sending of your newsletter only.

  • You are responsible for any account fees incurred by your list provider for list size, send limits, etc. You will pay those fees directly to the provider. MailChimp, Constant Contact and SendGrid are free up to a certain list size (or time period) and the limits are quite generous. The fee for most innkeepers will be $0. Not sure which is right for you? Go with MailChimp.

Additional questions? Want to get started? Contact us (click on the chat icon to your right and start a conversation with us, or email support@odysys.com)

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