To add Google Analytics tracking code to your Odysys website and/or booking engine - all you have to do is "connect' your Google analytics account to Odysys. The tracking code will be automatically installed or updated on your website and/or booking engine.

IF you have connected your Google Analytics account in the past but are all of the sudden seeing "0" site visitors you need to re-connect your Google Analytics account to Odysys. (this happens sometimes when Google makes a change). In this case -  your Google Analytics code is still on your website and/or booking engine and is still collecting data, but the communication between Google Analytics & the Odysys dashboard needs to be reset. 

Here's how to connect or re-connect your Google Analytics account

Step 1: Navigate to the Google Analytics connection in your dashboard

App 2 (Prime) users:
App 1 users:

Step 2: Click "Connect" or "Reconnect!"

App 1 example:

App 2 (Prime) example:

Click the profile photo in the top right hand corner
Click Linked Accounts from the dropdown menu

Click +Connect on the Google Analytics button

Step 3: Choose the Google Account you want to connect with. (Note: this account must have access to the Google Analytics account/profile for your Odysys website)

Step 4: Click "Allow".
You may need to wait several minutes after clicking "allow" for the connection process to complete.

Step 5: If necessary - click back to the "linked account" tab. Then - select the correct account and profile. 

Step 5a: If we setup a Google Analytics profile for you, the "Profile" you want to select probably has the word "odysys" or "marketing" or "default" in it.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you aren't seeing the correct data after re-connecting, you may need to select a different profile "view"  (step 5a). (again - look for one with "odysys" or "default" or "marketing" in the name)
  • If you aren't seeing any data after re-connecting, you may need to click "Disconnect",  go back to "Step 3" and select a different account.
  • Google Accounts can be confusing. If you aren't sure which account/profile to connect to, try logging in to directly to identify the correct Google Account, Analytics Account and Profile you want to connect to Odysys.
  • If Odysys created the Google Analytics account for you and you aren't sure which Google Account/email address to use, chat with us and we'll find it for you
  • Did you create the google analytics account and are an administrator but you do not remember which google account you used? See this help article/process:  (note - to prove site ownership you will use the meta tag option. You will add this meta tag to Site Builder > Settings > Google Webmaster Tools. Do not overwrite existing codes - just add it here)
    Example meta tag: <meta name="analytics.txt" content="GooGhywoiu9839t543j0s7543uw1 - pls add {agoogleaccountemailaddressyouhaveaccessto} to GA account {Insert UA-ID} with ‘Manage Users and Edit’ permissions - date {Insert Date}.">
  • Still struggling? Chat with us and we'll help you out.

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