The alt attribute for images - also known as alt text or alt tags - is designed to help the visually impaired as they navigate your site. Search engine spiders - which are also visually impaired - use this text to understand why an image is on a page and what it is. You can use the alt attribute / alt text to describe what an image is and reinforce the main keyword of the page.

Here's how you edit alt text for images in Odysys Prime:

Here's how you edit alt text for images in Site Builder 1.0

Photo Gallery / Page Header Images

  • Page Headers: Edit the "Image Name" - this will also update the "alt text" for the image
  • Gallery Images / Room Images: Edit the "Image Caption" - which is the "alt text" for the image and will also display as a caption when the image is clicked on for the full size expanded view of the image

Alt Text for Images Embedded in Your Content

Click "Insert/edit image"

Edit the "Image Description" to create alt text for the image

NOTE: There are some image types in Odysys that do not have an alt-text option. This feature is not available for those types of images because of the way they are used in the page and alt text is not advised.

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