How do I add & save a credit card to a reservation without charging the card?

If you want to save the credit card number for a booking without actually charging the card (ie - you don't want to click "submit payment" or "add card and submit payment). 

Simply type in the credit card details, change the dollar amount to $0.00 and the option to "add card" will appear. 

This does not actually generate a transaction - it just saves the card to the reservation.

Why is Odysys/Stripe asking me for or giving me an error for the CVV (CVC) number and/or Zip code now?

CVC (CVV) numbers and Zip codes are a new default requirement for verifying credit cards.

  • Every customer who submits a booking / reservation on your website will now be required to enter the CVV and Zip code
  • When making a reservation in front desk over the phone or in person, we recommend that you collect the CVC and Zip code along with the credit card number.

Disable CVC and/or Zip Codes Requirement in Stripe

If you do not want to have to do this, you CAN disable this requirement in Stripe. You will have to login to, navigate to "Radar" > "Setttings" and disable CVC and/or ZIP codes. (see below)

Please Note: When you disable the CVC/ZIP, these fields will continue to appear in the form, and you will still have to enter a CVC and Zip code. However, you will be able to use a dummy or fake or placeholder CVC and Zip code number (ie: "123" and "12345") in order to submit the credit card. 

  • This also means that your guests can submit fake cvv/zip as well.
  • Even with this setup - the bank can still reject the credit card number due to the fake CVC/Zip. If you run into this issue - you can log directly into stripe and enter the credit card number without a cvc/zip. (then just use "offline payment" to record the payment in Odysys - like you would record a cash payment)

More information from Stripe about card verification and address verification is available here: and OTA Bookings without CVV Codes or Zip Codes

If you are not getting the CVV/CVC numbers from your or other OTA reservations, they can enable this.

Here's information from 

and from MyAllocator about CVV numbers from Expedia etc: 

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