About Cancellation Emails

Cancellation emails are automatically sent to the email address associated with a reservation at the time of cancellation.

Please note: Odysys does NOT send a cancellation email to the innkeeper (you).  

Configuring cancellation emails: No configuration is required or allowed. Odysys uses a pre-formatted cancellation email template. To see what the cancellation email looks like - you can create a reservation for yourself and then cancel it.

Troubleshooting Cancellation Emails

The guest did not receive a cancellation email. Why?

Was the cancellation email sent? Rejected?

Check the Guest Reservation > Guest Emails status section

Using MyAllocator to sync OTA bookings?

  • Odysys does NOT send cancellation emails to reservations made via an OTA (booking.com, expedia, bedandbreakfast.com) or 3rd party site (AirBnB, VRBO, etc) and sent to Odysys via MyAllocator. (We do not send confirmation emails to these guests either, but we will send pre-stay and post-stay emails. More information.)

Using Reservation Request Mode?

  • If your booking engine is in "reservation request" mode (ie - you must approve or confirm reservation requests) and the reservation has not been confirmed, then the guest will not receive a cancellation email. These guests will also not receive a confirmation email or a pre-stay or post-stay email until their request is approved. More information.

Additional Troubleshooting / Common Issues with Cancellation Emails:

  • If there is not an email address associated with the reservation/booking at the time of cancellation, the guest will not receive a cancellation email. (the email address would have to be saved to the reservation prior to cancellation)
  • If the email address associated with the reservation is faulty in some way - then the cancellation email will not be delivered to the guest.

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