NOTE: This method will keep your rooms open for direct bookings on your website. If you want to close or block a room to all bookings, see: 

One yield management strategy many innkeepers like to employ when managing their bookings is to use their OTAs (expedia,,, etc) to fill their weekdays but to make weekends available to direct bookings only.

Odysys will push all of your availability to MyAllocator, which in turn updates your availability with OTAs. So if Odysys is always sending your property's availability, and you obviously don't want to close on weekends, how do you close your property to OTA bookings on specific days?

Answer: If you "Close" a room and date in MyAllocator, Odysys will not overwrite that status with your OTA channels. We will continue to update the availability / number of rooms available and price. If you do end up opening the room back up and un-closing it in my allocator, the price etc will be up to date.

Below are a few common examples - but we highly recommend looking at MyAllocator's support content for setting rates & availability in MyAllocator.

Block OTA bookings for Specific Days or Weekends

In order to block rooms at the OTA level, you need to make some adjustments in your MyAllocator account. You can mark a room as "closed" and this will not allow Odysys to overwrite the availability. 

To close a room in MyAllocator

  • Log into your MyAllocator account, and click Availability
  • Check the "Closed" box to close a room on a certain date
  • Click Save and "Send to MyAllocator and All Channels"

Example: If I wanted to block a room from getting booked on Saturday the 28th, here's how I would edit the availability in MyAllocator.

Checking the "closed" box under Sat 28 will close this room to OTAs (but remain available to direct bookings on the website)

Be sure to Save and send the update to all your channels

It wouldn't hurt to do a full refresh in MyAllocator at this point either.

Block OTA Bookings for All Weekends or for Specific Date Ranges

MyAllocator has an easy way to do this, by setting Long-Term availability.

  • Log into your MyAllocator account, and click Availability
  • From there, click Set Long-Term
  • You can then go in and select your date range and select the rooms/days you want it to be closed. (be sure to follow this process for each room type)
  • Once you have applied the long-term data to each of your rooms, don't forget to perform a Full Refresh to push the new settings out to your OTA's! 

Example: This is how you would close weekends with OTAs in MyAllocator

First - click availability then select the days you want to close the room.

Example - if you only wanted to close friday and saturday night availability to OTAs for Gracie's Garden Room - here's what it would look like.

Repeat this process for all rooms

Then click "full refresh"

For help with MyAllocator settings - please see MyAllocator support documentation and/or contact MyAllocator support directly.

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