We recommend using the "features" section of your home page to highlight your best deal, your best/most recent blog post, and a message to your customers as to why they should book direct.

As seen in: https://www.odysys.com/blog/anatomy-optimized-bb-home-page/

Here's an example: 

So how do you do this?

Turn on "features": In site builder - turn on/enable "features" by checking the circle next to it

Add your content

when you're all done - publish your site to make your changes live

Why Book Direct? Example

Regarding "why you should book direct": You may be thinking to yourself "well - I give all my guests the same stuff whether they book direct or via an OTA." That's fine. But this is marketing. Be a marketer. You prefer a direct booking yes? Tell them what they'll get when they stay with you. It doesn't matter if they'll also get it if they book via an OTA.

Here's my example - feel free to copy/paste/edit as you see fit. Just spell out what it is you give to your guests when they stay with you. Keep the list short-ish. 7 bullet points or less should be plenty.  Head over to https://stocksnap.io/ for a stock photo (you'll have to resize it to less than 3mb)

Headline: Why You Should Book Direct
Subheadline: Best Rate & Amenities Guaranteed

The following amenities are included in your stay when you book direct:

  • Free Wifi
  • 3 course breakfast made from scratch
  • Welcome cocktail, wine or beer upon arrival
  • Fresh baked goodies every afternoon
  • Early check-in / late check-out


  • The "features" content will be added directly below the "welcome" section of your home page. This placement cannot be changed at this time.
  • You can add up to 3 features by selecting the tabs at the top of the editor. We recommend using all 3 spots for formatting purposes. (ie - it looks better when you use all 3).
  • Need other ideas for features? Special offers/deals, latest blog post, most popular blog post, link to your things to do page, link to your 'about' page, highlight a guest review (just copy/paste from tripadvisor or google or wherever), highlight your favorite travel tip, etc.  
  • We do NOT recommend linking to another website in your features section (you just got them there - don't send them away!)
  • The features are entirely manual at this time. Ie - if you want to feature your latest blog post in one of your feature slots, you have to update it yourself every time you put out a new post.
  • If you want to find some stock photography top use (like I did in my example above) - we recommend stocksnap.io - you will have to resize photos after downloading them
  • To link the button to another page on your website use "link to > internal page". But if that doesn't take you to the exact tab or blog post you want to link to, you will need to go to your website and then copy the URL of the page/tab/post you want to link to. Then use "link to > other website" and paste the URL of the page/tab/post there. (see example below)

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