Occupancy percentage (rate) is:  #occupied / #total rooms available

Some additional details

  • Room blocks count towards occupancy. IE - if a room is blocked - it is treated just like a booked room in the occupancy percentage calculation.
  • Rooms removed via a $0 override reduce the #available rooms, thus changing the occupancy calculation

If you've got Room Groups in your booking engine:
ie - an option for "whole house" that contains all the individual rooms. Or a "suite" that is actually two individual rooms. (Most properties do not have Room Groups)

The occupancy % calculation changes with Room Groups

  • Occupancy percentage = #rooms in group occupied because of booked group + #individual rooms occupied / #total available rooms not counting the group

More Details

  • The group itself does not count towards occupancy or availability
  • But the rooms within a room group count towards occupancy (ie - if I've got 4 rooms and a "whole house" room group that contains all 4 rooms then: booking the group makes me 100% occupied. Booking 1 room makes me 25% occupied because once the room within the group is booked - the group is no longer an option/available)
  • Closing a group via a $0 override only prevents the group itself from being booked. The individual rooms within the group are still bookable.
  • Closing the individual rooms within a group via a $0 override but not the group itself leaves the group bookable. This causes an occupancy rate calculation error because the total available rooms is 0 even though the group itself is bookable. (dividing by 0 causes an error - see the calculation above)
  • Because of the complexities of room groups and overrides - it is possible in certain scenarios to have the occupancy percentage be higher than 100%
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