For Odysys Prime image updates please see video below:

For Site Builder 1.0 updates there are a couple of different ways images are edited in Odysys. Below are the different "types" of images in Odysys and how to edit them.

  1. Some images are a part of the template: page headers, photo gallery images, room pictures, and left-hand sidebar. Odysys has an editor on the page itself for these types of images.
  2. Or, images can be added to any text block in Odysys using the text editor. 

Overview Video - Editing Images & Pictures in Odysys

Page Header Images

The big pictures at the top of the page are called page headers. The home page's page header can be customized to display a slideshow.

Click here to learn how to edit page headers

Left Sidebar Images

As pictured above, left sidebar images are part of the template and can be edited by simply navigating to the page's editor in site builder and clicking the "image" tab.

Image Gallery & Room Pictures/Photos 

These types of images have their own editor within the site builder page. 

Different types:

In-page photo galleries (where there is a photo gallery within the page)
Photo gallery pages (where the entire page is a photo gallery)
Room & accommodations page photos / photo galleries
Room images on your booking page, in your booking engine/reservation system

Images in Text Blocks or Right Sidebars

If there's an image on a page but it doesn't have a built-in editor, or if you want to add an image to a page that doesn't have a built-in editor - you use the text editor.

Click here to see how to add & edit photos using the text editor


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