How to Sync OTA Reservations with Odysys

Syncing rates, availability and inventory with Online Travel Agent (OTA) booking websites is possible with Odysys. This will require the use of a channel manager.

Odysys integrates with a channel manager called MyAllocator. MyAllocator will sync up your hotel's rates & availability between Odysys and OTA sites like Expedia,,, TripAdvisor, AirBnB, VRBO, and many more (click for full list).

How the Sync Works

About the MyAllocator Integration

To connect Odysys with OTA websites, Odysys charges a flat monthly fee of $19. MyAllocator will charge a separate flat monthly fee which is dependent on your property type, number of rooms, and location. 

Click here to find out what your MyAllocator fees will be

Note: Odysys can include your MyAllocator fee in your monthly Odysys invoice. If you would prefer this method, contact Odysys support.

Getting Started

When you are ready to integrate Odysys with MyAllocator:

  1. Create an account with MyAllocator. 
  2. List your property on desired OTA websites. 
  3. Setup your OTA channels in MyAllocator as directed by MyAllocator
  4. Contact Odysys support to turn the integration on for you to complete the set-up process.  (chat or email
  5. Finalize the Odysys & MyAllocator Connection

If desired, Odysys will setup the MyAllocator account for your property. The one-time setup fee is $99.

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