Odysys customers need a channel manager, MyAllocator, to integrate and book rooms with various OTAs. Here is a visual of the relationship between these 3 parties:

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An Overview of the Process

MyAllocator essentially enables rates and availability between Odysys and your OTA channels to stay in sync. Here is an overview of this process. 

  • Available rooms and their prices are sent from Odysys to MyAllocator. MyAllocator takes this information and sends it to your OTA channels (Expedia, Booking.com, BedandBreakfast.com, etc. )
  • If a room is reserved on your website, or on an OTA, your availability is refreshed and synced through MyAllocator to other channels, which prevents double bookings or over bookings.  When a room is booked via an OTA, that reservation is added to your Odysys front desk.
  • MyAllocator will also communicate with OTA channels if reservations or cancellations are made directly with Odysys. Maintaining consistent and accurate information through all channels is possible with MyAllocator. 

Exceptions / Things to know

Calendar Channels (like AirBnB & VRBO) have limited functionality with channel managers (like MyAllocator) and therefore have limited functionality in Odysys. For everything you need to know about how Calendar Channels work with Odysys and MyAllocator, reference this article by MyAllocator. 

  • Odysys, MyAllocator and your Calendar Channels (VRBO/AirBnB) cannot sync rates at this time. So you will have to manage your rates in AirBnB, VRBO and any other calendar channel directly on those sites.
  • "Restrictions" such as minimum night stays are not sent over to Calendar Channels. These restrictions will need to be managed and utilized within each OTA, if it offers that functionality. 

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