Room mapping ties actual room types in Odysys to their respective room types in OTAs. Take your time while mapping rooms to avoid discrepancies between what a guest books online and the room that is reserved in Odysys.

There are two places that you will need to map your rooms - in MyAllocator and in Odysys. Here is how it is done:

Map Rooms in Odysys

    1. Select Link OTAs in the Reservations navigation bar

    2. Hover your mouse over MyAllocator

   3. Select Edit Room Mapping

   4. Connect your rooms in MyAllocator to Odysys. Be sure that both drop down menus match each other. 

   5. If you've made changes to your room mapping, "Push Availability" to MyAllocator to see your changes online. 

Map Rooms in MyAllocator

The best resource for setting up room mapping in MyAllocator is their  specific step-by-step support article. Please contact MyAllocator support directly ( for help with setting up your channels and mapping your rooms in MyAllocator.

A key point when setting up and mapping your rooms in MyAllocator is 1:1 Room Setup. 1:1 room setup is structuring your rooms to be viewed in the same manner by Odysys, MyAllocator, and OTAs. 

For example:

IF you have room TYPES setup on OTAs (ie "queen rooms" with an inventory of 10), you need to use room types with room instances in Odysys (ie a single queen room with an inventory of 10). 

IF you have rooms set up individually in Odysys, they need to be setup individually on OTAs.  (ie each room is listed individually in Odysys)

The example below is a non=1:1 room setup because the channel manager (MyAllocator) is viewing rooms differently than the PMS or OTA.

If desired, Odysys will setup the MyAllocator account and room mapping for your property. The one-time setup fee is $99. Chat with us or email for further assistance. 

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