If your rooms and rates in Odysys, MyAllocator and/or Expedia, Booking.com, BedandBreakfast.com, AirBnB, VRBO, and TripAdvisor are not consistent with each other, there are a couple ways to troubleshoot and ultimately fix this issue. 

  1. Push Availability from Odysys to MyAllocator. This serves as a "refresh" to the two systems and fixes most problems. Read this article to learn how to push availability. 
  2. Review Your Rate Options Setup. There are settings in the Rate Options that will affect rates for MyAllocator and direct bookers. Read this article to learn about these settings. 
  3. Check for Conflicting Pricing Settings. There are some different pricing mechanisms in Odysys that could cause some issues in MyAllocator if used improperly. Read this article to solve these potential problems. 
  4. Review Room Mapping Between Odysys & MyAllocator. If the above items don't resolve your issues, then there may be an issue with Room Mapping between Odysys and MyAllocator. Read this article for a complete guide on room mapping. 

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