Odysys offers some customization with rate settings that can help with your yield and revenue management strategies. Here's how to access these settings:

   1. Navigate to the Reservations drop-down menu and select Pricing

   2. Select Link OTAs

   3. Hover your mouse over MyAllocator

   4. Select "Edit Rate Options"

   5. You will now see this screen:

  • Turn on Send Rates to MyAllocator if you would like OTA rates to reflect your rates in Odysys.
  • If you do not want Odysys rates to be sent to MyAllocator, edit rates in MyAllocator directly. See their support documentation or just contact them directly. 

   6. If you would like to adjust OTA rates based off Odysys rates, look to the right hand side of the screen:

  • You can increase or decrease the rates sent from Odysys to MyAllocator by either a percentage or a flat amount, if you choose. 
  • We most commonly seen these settings used to mark-up OTA rooms to cover the commissions they charge. 
  • For example, if the Expedia charges a hotel 20% for commission for OTA reservations, this feature allows the hotel to charge the guest an extra 20% to cover the booking fee. 
  • If you want to maintain rate parity with OTAs, input "0" in both fields, and choose "on" for the Send Rates to MyAllocator slider. This way, OTA rates will be exactly the same as Odysys rates. 

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