If a guest reserves a room at your property through an Online Travel Agent but you do not see it come through in Odysys, here are a couple of reasons why:

   1. It hasn't had enough time to make it to Odysys. Wait a few minutes and refresh your browser. OTAs, MyAllocator and Odysys do not communicate in real-time. The server is refreshed every five minutes, so sometimes a little time is all that it needs. 

   2. If your rooms are improperly mapped, the reservation will not have a way of making to Odysys. Verify that your rooms are properly mapped in Odysys and MyAllocator. For more information on this, reference this help article.

   3. If the same room is reserved directly in Odysys and almost simultaneously through an OTA, the OTA reservation will be rejected because the room has already been blocked off. This is a very rare occurrence, but is a possibility again considering that OTAs, MyAllocator and Odysys do not communicate in real time. 

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