Confirmation & Cancellation Emails

The channel that reserves a room is responsible for sending confirmation and cancellation emails. 

For example: If I reserve a room through Expedia, I will receive a confirmation through Expedia. The case is the same for cancellations. If I cancel a reservation that I made through Expedia, I receive a cancellation confirmation from Expedia. 

On the other hand, If I were to book direct through an Odysys website, Odysys would then send me the confirmation email. The same of course goes for cancellations. Click here for more about cancellation emails through Odysys.

Pre-stay & Post-stay Emails

Odysys will send the pre-stay and post-stay to every guest with an email, regardless if they booked through an OTA or Odysys. For more about pre and post-stay emails, click here. 


  • Odysys does not send confirmation or cancellation emails to OTA bookings
  • Odysys does send pre and post stay emails to OTA bookings
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