From Odysys reservations / front desk calendar, the command Email Guest allows you to send an email to the guest from a linked account. This is a "mailto" function which is controlled by your computer's own browser and email settings. If it isn't working right for you, see "how to update..." below.

How to Email a Guest From Odysys

The function is available from the Actions button in specific reservations. There are two places where you can find this button. 


  • Bring up the guests reservation details by clicking on their reservation. 
  • Click the button off to the right hand side that says Actions.
  • From the drop down menu, select Email Guest.


  • Search for a guests reservation in the Bookings under Front Desk.
  • Click the Actions button on the right hand side.
  • From the drop down menu, select Email Guest.

How to Update Your Browser Settings and Email Guests

When you click on Email Guest, you are routed to a separate page. What this page looks like will depend on your browser settings (through Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.) and your email client settings (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc). 

Our customers all use different combinations of browsers and email clients, so this process will be different for everyone depending on their setup. There is an abundance of step-by-step help for personalized setups on the web already. The best way to find directions for your personal setup is by a simple Google search. 

Use this template for your Google search: 

"Set default email client for [browser] and [email client]"
example "set default email client for google chrome and gmail"

I use Google Chrome for my web browser and Gmail as my email client. If you use Google Chrome and Gmail like me, this article from Hubspot will help you get it setup for any browser, and show a message screen (pictured below) when you click on Email Guest, or any other mailto link. 

For other email clients, reference this article from Procore, which also lays out instructions for settings in most browsers. 

If you would like some additional help with this, feel free to ask us at

P.S. is a mailto link, so if you want to see how it is currently set up, or test your new settings, click on through.

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