If Odysys is hosting your website, and you're in the process of changing booking engines, a couple of things need to happen.

  1. Get the URL from the booking engine provider directly - they will provide you with an "official" url for your booking engine
  2. Update and double check all the buttons on your site. (ie - the main call to action button, the buttons on rooms pages, in the home page header, etc.)
    For Odysys 1.0 sites - there's a booking engine 'setting' you can update which should update most buttons on your site, but you will want to double check that your buttons across the site have been updated. See here: http://support.odysys.com/site-builder/settings/how-do-i-edit-my-book-now-or-check-availability-button
    For Odysys "Prime" (wordpress sites) this process will involve checking and updating all of your buttons. Ask support for help.
  3. Your Google Analytics account will need to be updated. Update 2 settings in your google analytics account otherwise the reporting will stop working. See "Hostname filter" and the "property referral exclusion list" in this help article: http://support.odysys.com/dashboard-and-analytics/setting-up-google-analytics-for-your-odysys-site
    If you do have a hostname filter - you can just delete that filter as this was a solution for a problem that Google Analytics finally fixed and it isn't necessary.
  4. Google Analytics Tracking Code on your Website will need to be updated:
    For Odysys 1.0 sites - this happens automatically when you update the booking engine "setting" as described in #2 above.
    For Odysys "Prime" (wordpress) sites - the Google Analytics tracking code on your website will need to be updated for "cross domain tracking" to your new booking engine. Please contact support for assistance (click the little pink chat bubble on the bottom right hand side of this page)
  5. Google Analytics tracking will need to be added to your new booking engine. Typically you just need to supply your booking engine company with the Google Analytics Account ID number. This can be found by logging in to your Google Analytics account, clicking "admin" and then under "property" select the correct property and then click "tracking info" then click  "tracking code". Copy the big "Tracking ID" number at the top of the page.
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