Complete the following to-do's to finish this month's Odysys Academy

  1. Watch the "Advertising Strategies Fundamentals" video below (full length or short version)
  2. Take the video tour: Google Hotel Ads by Odysys to learn more about this brand new program
  3. Check out the links for additional information
  4. Register for the Q&A Webinar (see bottom of page)

Advertising Strategy Fundamentals

How to work with Odysys to put the right ad strategies in place for your property to drive more commission-free direct bookings.

Video: Short "Cliffs' Notes" Version (18 minutes)

This version just walks you through the advertising approach and when to use certain types of ads along with some tips for budgeting etc. It does not explain exactly what the various types of ads are. Watch this version if you've already watched the full-length version and want a recap or refresher or if you have a good handle on the types of advertising available.

Video: Full Length Version (55 minutes)

Longer version walks through the full roadmap and advertising tactics and gives a lot more background into the philosophy, how it all works, and explains all the various types of advertising in detail. 

Video Tour: Google Hotel Ads by Odysys

This new service from Odysys is extremely exciting, and very different from most of the other advertising programs available. This tour explains exactly how it works and why it is so effective.

Q&A Webinar Recording

From Wednesday Oct 23rd 2019

Links to More Information

Blog posts about managing your OTA strategy for more direct bookings
"OTA Management Strategy" is mentioned several times throughout the video(s) - what do we mean by that? Primarily - managing your OTA availability (ie blocking weekends and event dates) so you can prioritize direct bookings through your website and use OTAs only to fill rooms you can't fill yourself. Google Hotel Ads can play a tremendous role here by allowing you to have rates & availability in Google Hotel Search via your booking engine when you've blocked that same availability from OTAs.

(note: all were written before Google Hotel Ads by Odysys was available. Now that you've seen the video, you can understand how Google Hotel Ads fits into these scenarios)

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