1. Log in to your account on your hosting service's website, and go to the DNS management page. 
  2. Look for CNAME records, which are special Domain Name Service (DNS) records, and may be in sections such as DNS Management or Name Server Management. Note: You may have to enable advanced settings to create a CNAME record. 
  3. Delete any existing CNAME entries for the address you want to use with your site. Note: If you plan to transfer an existing web address to Odysys, you may first want to copy and save any content currently at that address.
  4. Use the information in the table below when you create your CNAME record.  Note: If your service requires you to enter information directly into the DNS tables, the entry below needs to have a CNAME asssociated. 

Change "A" record (sometimes referred to "@" record) to point to:

Change "www" CNAME to point to: hosting.odysys.com

Alert Odysys once changes have been made to DNS settings so we can issue the security certificate for your domain name (HTTPS/SSL). This is included in your Odysys subscription.

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