NOTE: Odysys will never post anything to your Facebook account that you don't manually schedule yourself.
NOTE: to link the facebook icon on your website to your facebook page - see

To link your property's Facebook account to the Odysys system:

  1. If you are not already on your Dashboard page, go to Mission Control and click on Dashboard.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of your Dashboard. You will see this: 

3. Click Link Social Accounts. 

4. From the Link Accounts Page, select the Facebook Business Page Connect button. You will then be redirected to Facebook. 

5. Log in to Facebook (if you are not already logged in.)

6. Facebook will request permission from Odysys to post to Facebook and ask who you want to share the posts with. Leave the default selection of Friends and select Okay.

Remember: Odysys will never post anything to your Facebook account that you don't manually schedule yourself.

7. Facebook will request permission for Odysys to manage your Pages and access your Page and App insights. Select Okay.

9. You will be redirected back to Odysys. Select the Facebook Page for the property you are linking to Odysys. 

10. Select OK.


Why Can't I Connect Facebook to Odysys

Are you having trouble connecting your Odysys account to your property's Facebook page? There are two things that could possibly be going wrong. 

  1. You have an Ad Blocker or Pop-Up Blocker in place in your browser that is preventing the dialogue box from opening. If this is the case, you will see a small red X icon in the address bar. In Chrome, it will look like this:

Read this article to learn how to block or allow pop-ups using Chrome. Click here to learn how to turn on/off pop-ups in Firefox and here to learn how to do in Safari. 

2. You are not signed into the correct Facebook account. You will need to sign in to the account that has administrative rights to your page. When you click the "Connect" button to link Odysys to your Facebook page, make sure that the Facebook account you are using is an ADMIN of your page.

  1. Login to Facebook.
  2. Go to your property's Facebook page.
  3. Click "Settings" at the top.
  4. Click "Page Roles."
  5. Make sure your personal Facebook account is listed as an ADMIN for your property's Facebook page. 

3. Why is it asking for my personal facebook account? I don't want to connect my facebook personal account - I want to connect my page!
This is just the way facebook works. There isn't a dedicated login for facebook pages. Individual Facebook users - ie personal facebook accounts - are given access to the business page. So - in order to get access to your facebook business page, you have to grant access THROUGH your personal account to your business facebook page. See #2 above. You MUST be an ADMIN of your facebook page - and be signed into the facebook account that is an ADMIN of the page.

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