To create a local attractions map using Google My Maps: 

  1. Go to Google My Maps.
  2. Sign in to Google if necessary. 
  3. Select Take a Tour (or Create a New Map to skip the training.) 

4. For more training on how to use Google's My Maps:
Select the ? icon from the bottom right of the page and select Help

5. Select Introduction to Google My Maps. 

6. Read the article and watch the video. 

7. You can always rewatch Google's tutorial by selecting the ? icon from the bottom right of the page and selecting Take a Tour. 

8. If you are ever having trouble with a particular task, select the ? icon then select Help and either use the search feature or navigate through the articles/forums. 

9. Build your map. 

10. To update your local attractions map, simply make changes to it in Google My Maps
*Because the map code is embedded on your Odysys website, any changes you make in Google's platform will immediately and automatically populate to your Odysys website.

Once you've built your map in Google My Maps, follow these steps to add it to your Odysys website:

  1. From Google's My Maps, drag and zoom to set the map's default starting view. 

For example, if your property was on Alcatraz Island and all points of interest were on the island, you would drag/zoom to show this area. 

2. At the top of your map settings, select the icon to the right of Share. 

3. Select Set Default View. Google will automatically save the default view. 

4. Select Share. 

5. Under Who has access, select Change

6. Select the icon On-Public on the web

7. Select Save. 

8. Select Done. 

9. At the top of your map settings, select the icon to the right of Share. 

10. Select Embed on my site.

 11. Copy the embed code. 

12. Return to the Odysys Site Builder. 

For Odysys Prime sites just go to the page you want the map on and add an "embed block" where you want the map placed:

Then just paste in the embed code in the block:

Don't forget to select the update button when finished:

For the original Site Builder 1.0 you can embed the map on any Site Builder page using the rich text editing tools (see Text Editing Tools.) 

13. Navigate to the page and content block where you want to add the map.

14. Select the location in the text box where you want to add the map and then select the film strip icon. 

15. Select the Embed tab. 

16. Paste the copied code into the field and select OK

17. Select Save from the bottom of the content block window, 

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