You can re-order your navigation or move pages/tabs and content sections by simply clicking and dragging. See the video below. The same principal applies to content sections (tabs) in a section.

NOTE: There is a max number of items allowed in the Main Navigation. This is by design. Usability studies show that too many items in the main navigation is bad for users. If you are unable to drag an item from the footer to the main navigation, make room and drag an item from the main nav to the footer first.

If you prefer a written guide - here you go!

  1. Go to Pages in Site Builder

   2. Click and hold the piece of content that you would like to move (Things To Do in this case)

   3. Drag the page to the new desired location.

Re-ordering can also be performed within a set of pages. Just click the plus sign to open the pages you'd like to change, and use the same drag and drop technique. 

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