NOTE: These methods will prevent your rooms from being booked on your website. If you are also using MyAllocator, your rooms will be blocked there as well. If you are using MyAllocator and want to close or block rooms to OTA bookings only but keep them available for direct website bookings, see How to Close or Block Rooms to OTA Bookings

Option 1: To block a room for a short time period

If you need to close or block a room or all of your rooms for other reasons (maintenance, vacation, etc), you can simply use the Occupancy tab in Booking Engine to select the dates and block out the room.

Visit this page to see how:

Option 2: Long-term room / property closures

If using the occupancy tab is tedious because you need to block out multiple rooms or even your own property for a period of time, you can create a $0 override, which removes a room or set of rooms from inventory for a specified time frame. 

Here's a quick video showing you how: 

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