Note: The page layout with the default name Accommodations cannot be disabled. 

To set up your Accommodations page:

  1. From the Site Builder drop-down menu, select Pages. 

2. From the Pages menu on the left side of the screen, select Accommodations or Rooms (or whatever the name of your accommodations section is)  to expand the options.

3. Configure your Accommodations page.  (not necessary if just adding a new accommodation)
See Configure a page.

4. Add or edit the Page Header (The image that appears at the top of the page.) (not necessary if just adding a new accommodation)

5. Optional: Turn on and Edit an Overview page for accommodations.  (not necessary if just adding a new accommodation)

6. Add or edit room groups-or individual accommodations 

7. Select an accommodation to edit. 

8. Enter a Room Name for the specific room or room type. 

9. Enter a Subheading (optional.)

10. In the Text box, enter in a description of this room.
      For more information on using the Text box, see Text box editing tools. 

11. Continue to the Sidebar section. This is where you can list specific features and amenities of each room.

12. Enter an optional Headline or Subheading for the sidebar (i.e., "Amenities" or "Features"). 

13. In the Text box, enter sidebar content. For more information on using the Text box, see Text box editing tools. 

14. Continue to the Images section.

15. Erase default images by hovering your cursor over each image and select Delete.

16. Select Upload Image.

17. Draft and drop the image you want to use onto the upload screen
Click Select File and navigate to the image you want to use. 

Note: It is important to select the highest quality photos you have that are no larger than 3 MB. Selecting lower quality or small images will result in grainy or blurry images, particularly when they are viewed on a larger screen. 

18. Repeat steps 14-17 for all other image slots. 

19. Each room has their own Button that visitors can click on to check availability. You can customize each individual Button by changing the text that will appear on the Button or where it will link to if someone clicks on it.

Each room's "Call to Action" button appears alongside the room. 

20. Select Save. 

21. From the left side, select the next room type.

22. Repeat steps 6-20 for each room type. 

23. To add additional room types or room groups, select Add Content + from the left side and then repeat steps 6-20 again. 

Repeat this process to add all the rooms or room types at your property.

Note: There is a limit of 25 rooms or room types. 

You can reorder rooms at any type by clicking the room name and dragging it up or down.

After you've set up your rooms, preview how they will appear on your live see (see Preview your Website.

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