Here are the rules to know about setting up and managing your rates in Odysys.
Why isn't the rate you set the rate that is showing to guests? Make sure you understand how rates are applied and how to troubleshoot rates.

Visual Reference: How Rates are Applied

Seasonal Pricing

Seasonal Pricing sets the "base rate" for your rooms across the calendar year.

Note: If the date ranges for your seasons overlap, the system will automatically show your guests the lowest available rate.


Specials are a way to offer guests discounted pricing during particular date ranges. The Specials functionality is essentially identical to the Seasons functionality, but is intended to be used for more narrow date ranges.

For example: If the last two weeks in April are historically a particularly slow time for bookings, you may set a Special for those dates. You could set up a unique a Season for those dates to the same effect, however, a Special is more intuitive for the shorter time period.

Note: The lowest configured price in any Season or Special will be the price the guest will see when using Booking Engine.


Overrides are the opposite of Specials in that they are typically used for raising a room rate above the "base rate."

If an Override is set for a room for a given date, then any Seasonal Pricing and Special rates are ignored.

However, a Promotion will still work when an Override is in effect. A Promotion can lower the rate for a room even if there is an Override.

For example: Perhaps there is a special event in your area that brings lots of visitors over the course of a week. To raise your rates, you would set an Override for those dates. The Override will supersede the "base rate" of your Seasonal Pricing or Specials. However, if you have sent out a promotional offer to your guests for 20% off their entire stay, they can still use that Promo Code when scheduling their stay in Booking Engine, even during the week of the special event.

You can also use Overrides to block out dates on your calendar. If you set an Override with a room rate of $0, that room will not be available to reserve on that date. If you set an Override for all rooms on a date to $0, the Booking Engine calendar displays the date as Sold Out.


Promotions are discount codes that are entered by a guest when they are making a reservation in Booking Engine.

The Promo Codes will apply to the room rate that appears to guests in the Booking Engine calendar, whether that is coming from the base Seasonal Pricing, a Special rate, or an Override rate.

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