Odysys Booking engine customers can choose to accept online reservations immediately, or you can choose to review each reservation before confirming it or rejecting/cancelling it.

To enable this feature and put your booking engine in "reservation request" mode, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Reservations > Settings
  2. Select "Booking Configuration"
  3. Click on the "Booking Confirmation" dropdown.


  1. Navigate to Reservations > Front Desk
  2. Find and open reservation details for the reservation request to be confirmed (requests have a yellow background in the occupancy tab availability calendar)
  3. In the topmost section of reservation details, click "Confirmed" to change the status from requested to confirmed (see screenshot below, "Confirmed" will have a grey background for reservation requests that are not yet confirmed).
  4. Save the reservation. An email confirmation is automatically sent to the guest when this change is saved.

Before a reservation request is confirmed, you can contact the guest, edit the reservation, etc. Once a reservation request is confirmed, it cannot be un-confirmed manually (except by a request to Odysys support), though it can be cancelled.

The request must be confirmed before a confirmation email can be resent

  1. Navigate to front desk
  2. Click over to the "bookings" tab
  3. Find the reservation  
  4. Use the "resend confirmation email" action which is accessible by using the "Actions" menu on the "Reservations" tab of Front Desk. 

Please note that when you "resend" the confirmation email - this no longer switches the reservation status from 'requested' to 'confirmed', it now only sends a confirmation email to the guest for reservations that have already been confirmed.

About Guest Emails and Reservation Requests

When the guest submits their reservation request - they receive an email from Odysys notifying them that their request has been submitted.

If the reservation is never approved/confirmed (see above) then the guest will not get any additional emails from Odysys including a confirmation email, pre-stay email, post-stay email or cancellation email. More information about guest emails.

Configure Your Request Notification Email

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