Here's how to make a reservation using Front Desk.

You can quickly add reservations without a credit card using this method. It is also a fast way to quickly add reservations received through 3rd parties/OTA's or while on the phone.

Please note:

  • A confirmation email will automatically be sent to the guest (and to you) when you add a new reservation if you include a valid email address when you first create the reservation
  • If you do not include a valid email address when you save the reservation for the first time, you will need to use the Resend Confirmation Email feature on the reservations tab if you want to send a confirmation email after making edits
  • You can also Send or Print a Statement to the guest at any time

To make a new reservation:

  1. Select Make Reservation from Front Desk. 

A new reservation window will open where you can input the reservation details. 

2. At minimum, your reservation should have:
-A name
-An email address. If on the rare occasion you do not wish to enter the guest's email address, use your own or a dummy email address (ie. make one up.)
-Check-in and check-out dates
-The number of guests
-The rooms/accommodations

Note: You can add more details later if needed. 

3. Review the reservation summary and make the reservation. You can edit the reservation as needed after the fact. 

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