In Odysys Prime it is very simple to add or edit text on a page:

For editing pages in Site Builder 1.0 please see below:

Some page layouts support additional blocks of content. Use the Add Content + tool to create new content blocks on these pages.

  1. From the Site Builder drop-down menu, select Pages. 

2. On the left hand side of Site Builder, select the the page where you want to add content

3. Select Add Content +

This settings page will appear prompting you to Add Content.  

4. Enter a Headline for the content block. (If the page layout has tabs - the headline becomes the name of the tab as well, so keep it reasonably short)

5. Enter a Sub-headline (optional) 

6. In the Text box, enter your content
    For more information on using the Text box, see Text box editing tools. 

7. Depending on the page type/layout, there may also be a tab at the top of your editor for "Sidebar" or "Image" or even "Button" - edit those as needed.

8. Select Save. 

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