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How to Access Pre-Stay & Post-Stay Emails

  1. Navigate within Odysys to "Reservations"
  2. Click the "Reservations" drop-down menu
  3. Click on "Guest Emails"

Tips & Notes

  • You can turn pre-stay and post-stay emails on or off by using the toggle switch at the top of the email settings page
  • Send yourself a test email so you can preview what the guest sees and customize accordingly
  • Use "styles" to add a logo or a header picture or change the fonts and colors or add social media icons/links to every email
  • Using MyAllocator to sync OTA bookings? (expedia,, etc)
    - Odysys does NOT send confirmation emails to OTA guests (expedia,, etc)
    - Odysys does NOT send cancellation emails to OTA guests
    - Odysys DOES send pre-stay and post-stay emails to OTA guests

Timing of Pre-Stay & Post-Stay Emails:

The timing of Pre-and Post-stay emails is adjustable by turning "on" the pre-stay or post-stay email toggle and then selecting how many days before arrival and after departure you would like your emails to go out.

Pre-stay emails 

  • Timing: can be set to go out from the day before check-in up to 90 days prior to check in. 
  • Note: if a guest makes a 'last minute' reservation within the pre-stay email window, then the pre-stay email will go out immediately after the confirmation email. For example: If you set your pre-stay email to go out 2 days prior to arrival, and a guest makes a reservation 2 days prior to arrival or less - then the pre-stay email will be sent out upon confirmation, right after the confirmation email is sent.

Post-stay emails

  • Timing: can be scheduled to go out from the day after check out up to 30 days after checkout
  • TIP: In your post-stay/thank-you email, ask your guests to review you on Google. Here's how to get a link to send for Google Reviews

Status of Pre & Post Stay Email to Guest

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